Re: Recycled Schemes To Close Churches And Schools

I agree with you 100%. This was also done in the Rochester NY diocese, and I can tell you from my summers there it has not increased mass attendance or anything else.

Outside of Rochester, where I’m from, it’s largely rural. Each small town had its own parish. Now they have what are called clusters. Which means you may have to attend mass at one of three or four parishes if you want to attend daily mass. This of course has discouraged many older Catholics in the twilight of their life. Traveling in upstate NY in the wintertime is scary and to drive all over these country roads to a church that could be 20 miles away, well it just doesn’t happen.

Therefore, in my opinion, older Catholics are missing the sacraments when they need them the most and potential children are not being introduced to our Catholic faith at all. Not good for propagating the faith or saving souls!

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